- We Are Danyak


We Are two fun loving nerds who decided not to take life too seriously. With their feeling, presence and drive to fuel their musical journey, these two are writing their own story for all to read.The Danyak compadres reunited as buddies once moving half way round the world to OZ. One of the biggest countries in the world, they could have been living anywhere, unknown to each other they both found themselves on the Gold Coast. So this is where the story of We Are Danyak began. Chapter by chapter their music grows bringing others into their world. Surrounding their lives with love of music.Since their worldly move, the nerds slowed down on touring to concentrate their time to the studio and inject all that has been learnt to carve their innovative style and give their fans a chapter they will never forget.The future of these two fellows is unknown but their goals are clear. The story they’re writing is to be remembered. So if one day it all comes to an end their legacy will live on. Dare to be different.