- Voytech


Voytech was born and raised in Poland. He grew uplistening to electronic bands like Chemical Brothers, TheProdigy and many others. Voytech moved to Atlanta when hewas 23 years old and his musical career began. Havingdeep love and passion for dance music he learned the art ofdjing. A couple of years after, he started playing out in a fewAtlanta night clubs where he got quickly recognized for hiscrafty mixing and great music selection. In 2007 he got aninvitation to play with Atlanta's well known Revolt Recordslabel and shorty after became a part of it as a producer andresident dj. Nowadays Revolt Records is Voytech's ownhome. He has played in many clubs of Atlanta like Opera,Wet Bar, Fever, Cue Club just to name a few. Voytech's djsets contain a variety of music genres like: Deep House,Tribal, Tech House and Techno which he mixes to take hiscrowd on a one of a kind journey. Shortly after Voyechstarted producing his own music he had his first release in2009, an EP under Quanza Records containing threeoriginal tracks "The Vision Of House", "Just Another Day",and "Set It Off". Nowadays Voytech has numerous releasesunder different labels including winning a contest for bestproduced remix for Rick Pier O'Neil and having his trackreleased under RPO Records. He has remixed records forartists like Andy Notalez, Niaz Arca, Tamer Fouda, LelandMcWilliams, Ramtin K and Boral Kibil to name a few. Voytechis a talented Dj and producer who you should keep an eyeon as he proceeds with his music career.