- Voodoo Corporation


Voodoo Corporation comes from the hand of Antonio Canca and Andres N, a duo of DJs and producers from Madrid with a long musical career. His passion began 13 years ago in which his musical and professional maturity have been formed in a clear and explicit way, starting from the influence of the best years of the Madrid electronic music scene where along the years they have managed to take, mold and adapt to their musical convictions. The musical culture and the search for new sonic frontiers are one of their badges. In 2002 they created the group “La Buhardilla Sound System”, which leads them to promote numerous raves and festivals Madrid as well as to collaborate with other influential musical groups in the underground electronic music. Collaborations and electronic festivals go on for years, assimilating in the meanwhile all the musical content.After passing through several of the best clubs in Madrid, and thanks to his success and his shamelessness to bring new musical trends, in 2008 they begin a new project named ENEMC (National Contemporary Music Ensemble) in which they opt for merging electronic and classical musical live, having a great acceptance by the public. In 2009 they become part of the staff of LIFE IS MUSIC, a company producer of electronic music events. Usual residents of their festivals, they create direct lives with contemporary and classical musicians, as well as repeating collaborations with the percussionist Javi Santos, creating fresh and vibrant sets where they shake the dance floor, increasing the heart rate of all attendees.In late 2009, they publish their first productions as Voodoo Corporation at Selected Records where they continue taking their works, obtaining a very good welcome on the public and thanked by music experts for their risky interpretation and exquisite results.In early 2013 they start working with Willy Debeat (Dj, producer and radio announcer), a tireless music lover with an exquisite musical taste, forming together Cannibal Ink, where the most innovative and experimental sense of each are united to meet the common musical interests. In the same year they sign by the prestigious London label Alola Records, headed by Omid 16B, where are currently working in diverse works and collaborations.The adaptability to the public and the awareness that this is the real protagonist of music do them create and maintain the proper environment whatever the audience, being one of the keys to its success the ability to reacting to the public.