- Vincent Zauhar


Born in 2000, French Canadian Vincent Zauhar has always been intrigued and passionate about music and technology since a very young age. After making music with lots of toys, he started to compose basic melodies on her mom's electronic organ and on his dad's synthesizer from the age of 4. It hasn't taken long before he discovered Trance Music in 2006 and the whole universe related to that huge movement at the time. Growing up watching and listening to shows from Armin van Buuren and Tiësto was hugely inspiring for him. In 2009, Vincent started to experiment with music creation with an old copy of Fruity Loops 3 his dad had laying around, and things went on growing and evolving ever since. While staying loyal to his Trance roots and emotional sounds, he does it while embracing more genres, such as House, Progressive, Ambient, and more. After being hugely and positively impacted by the music he listened to, creating content is a great way for him to give back and say thank you to Trance Family!