- Victor M


Born in september 1988 in the small town of Slobozia,Romania, Victor Mihailescu grew a great interest for musicright from his childhood. Listening to a wide musical pallette,he developped an extensive taste for various genres, fromambient to rock, house, trance and techno. Over the yearshe tried many artforms: modern dances, (digital) painting,writing, movie making, in the end he discovered music is themost rewarding and fun one. Victor kicked off by mixing livein front of a local pub’s owner, and the next day he waspushed straight to the head of a line up warming up thedecks for one of the top romanian DJ’s, Vania. Starting fromthat night he had the pub’s residency for one year. He alsohad a weekly trance show at Radio DJ, another one atRadio Net, was invited to Fresh FM, Radio Lynx , warmup-edfor Suie Paparude and mixed at private parties. He startedproducing right after dj-ing, steadily but surely improving hissound and experimenting with various genres.