- Victor Gonzalez


Deejay experienced since 1987 has gone through several rooms renowned valencia. His hometown and at the national level playing their musical references. Locations: At present clicking Javalon Valencia. As a resident friday and Saturday night from 00:30 until closing time at 07:30 h. Hall queen for excellence in Valencia. - Extra Radio (Manises) 1987 to 1990 resident - Actv valencia 1990 - Harley valencia 1990 (zone) - Bananas maxi disco valencia 1992 - Blue Square Xúquer (Valencia) from 1994 to 1996 residents. - Studio 54 Murcia. Year 1994 - Puzzle valencia 1997. - School canet heat. Valencia from 1999 to 2000. Resident - Point and apart Valencia. From 2000 to 2003. Resident - Giorgio et Enrico Valencia 2003 until 2004. Resident - Havana Valencia 2004. Resident - 100 guineas Valencia resident from 2004 to 2005 - Café singer Valencia 2005 - Venial from Valencia in August 2005 to the present, weekly residence. Productions: Year 1994, I’m lonely to nihgt with 2 items on the 12 “ I’m lonely robotics Year-2008; Happy ep, with 5 topics. Stamp 2real. (Sacha, and Pascal Kleiman kappa jo) happy synthesizer birds in myspace contact Roker sake it Year 2008 In the air, with 2 themes included. Stamp darck side. In the air Fussion Year-2009; Unknowk 2.1, stamp udtk (slovenia). Released March 17. Year 2009: Ese Trasero and remixes, including remixes 4. 30/04/2009 Ivan Gomez Remix Ende Remix Remix seccion7 Victor Gonzalez remix piano version Original mix Victor Gonzalez . Stamp 2real. Launch in May. Year-2009; Hihg frequency ep, with 5 original items included. Released 14/05/2009 Hihg frequency original mix All original mix favorites The world original mix Amazonia original mix Fantasy original mix Year-2009; Underground Species Ep, with 5 original items included. Released 20/05/2009 Dub Underground Original mix Sax Experience Original mix I need you Original mix Mental Gaps Year-2009, Dry Wet Original mix (Jo Kappa & Ovidi Adlert) Dry Wet Remix (Victor Gonzalez) Radio: As a radio announcer at local and mega-FM radio, with its own program of electronic music, with interviews deeja’s; Ivan pica, Ismael Rivas, Dani Moreno (the rooster), Iordan, jlouis, James and Olga de vi-suals (vj’s), DJ Oliver, etc.. ... Sharing a cabin with deejays such as: Ismael Rivas, Javier Gonzalez, Miguel Picasso, Ivan Gomez, Rene Sandoval, DJ Brad, Marien Baker, Priscilla due (vocals), and infinitely gay festivals taking place in valencia.