- Victor From Qbeek


Victor From Qbeek discovered his passion for music since he was a child, taking private lessons until he started to study cello and piano at Music Institute of Udine (Conservatory). Teenager, he discovers his love for electric guitar and then left the environment of the Conservatory, often too much closed and blunted. The passion for Electronics was born in the late 1990s. Since 1997, he started to produce music with the computer, using software sequencer, sinthetyzers and samplers. Over the years he has played and continues to play with bands, as a guitarist and keyboardist (LINK), that playing the bass (THE JAGUAR, SEVEN ROSES). In theese last years he has closed to North European techno music, beginning his career as a dj-producer. Currently he is working on several fronts, as a musician and dj-producer, with some works on artistic projects as well as sound designer and composing music for the theatre.In the 2010 he has started a project with Vickymerlino, a famous dj from Rome, called DUOLOGIC (resident dj at Alibi, Mucca Assassina).