- Vicky Montefusco


Vicky Montefusco is an italian dj/producer since 1999.Playing to the first private parties ones organizes with the friends has begun to construct his base.Always fascinated by the lifestyle and music of the 80's,in fact his sets and realeses are always characterized by a tech- house/techno groove with the addition of synthesizers always as the classic "Moog".Having started almost as child to spin the vinyl,he has an excellent technique that led him to perform with artists of the bore of:Little Louie Vega, Joe Montana, Justin Berkmann,Erick Morillo,Smokin Jo,Marco Bailey,Marco Nastic,Joseph Capriati,Carola Pisaturo,Billy Nasty,Marco Carola, Brenda Russell, James Ruskin,Luke Slater,Samuel L Session,Till Von Sein,Jesper Dalhback,Robert Hood,and to have gigs in a different countries as Italy,Germany,Romania and Poland.Thanks to its outstanding managerial qualities,Vicky is chief manager of the group "My Mode Crew"where he specializes in organizing nightly events,public relation and dj's booking.After a few digital/vinyl realeses,Vicky has is first step to bigger label in the 2012 when is signed to ISL recordings(International sound laboratory) of Jesper Dalhback and Items & Things of Magda,Troy Pierce and Marc Houle.Curently ,Vicky is working hard for make is own label.