- Vica


Vica has been a dj for about 10 years. Vica started out to play his first sets on beggining of 2000's inspired by the upcoming electronic dance music scene and influenced by 80 ́s electronic music.. A few years later, Vica learned to produce music by the hand of his friend Julian Poker aka Vozmediano who teach him the good manners in this job; discipline and hard work to reach his targets.So his first tune went a Julian Poker remix on Alma Soul Music imprint which recived good feedbacks of various famous artist. Vica is moulding his music into his own distinctive mark on house music, looking for his own site into electronic music scene.Actually Vica combines his producer facet with his job like A&R of Dot Com Recordings and Oxi2 Records. Over the last time Vica has releases on Alma Soul Music, Dot Com Recordings, Oxi2 Records, and Lapsus Music, only to name a few of them.The best of this artist is still coming.Record Labels: Dot Com Recordings, Oxi2 Records, Tres14 Music.Labels Released on: Alma Soul Music, Zink Recordings, Dot Com Recordings, Oxi2 Records, Lapsus Music, Digitalma.Worldwidebooking: vica.studio43@gmail.comhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Vica/157503290966310 http://soundcloud.com/carlos-vica https://twitter.com/#!/C_Vica http://www.myspace.com/carlosvica http://residentadvisor.net/profile/vica