- Vibonacci


Vibonacci is an American musician, and a new age ambient composer, producer and Dj hailing from Las Vegas Nevada. Falling in love with the piano at the age of 9, Vibonacci instantly gravitated toward classical music and was exploring music theory and remixing Beethoven by age 11. Fast forward 20 years later and at the heart of Vibonacci’s unique sound is that same deep passion for experimenting and the exploration within many different styles of music. His original music and production is usually a blend of soundscapes and melodic electronic techno, dub, chill out, breakbeat and dreamy deep house with a sprinkle of live classical piano whenever he performs. With a degree in audio engineering, and sound healing Vibonacci utilizes his knowledge within the study of visible sound called cymatics and sacred geometry to inbed his music with special frequencies which activate the listeners DNA through intention. “We are all here for a reason explains Vibonacci, mine is to raise the frequency of the planet” Vibonacci is currently working on an album with co production partner and long time friend Starward aka Lenny Ruckus.