- Veitha


Jacopo Andrea Fagioli, aka Veitha, born in Todi in 1988, at 15 decided to follow his passion that has led, and is still leading, him to wear the DJ headphones on his left ear. In 2006 his first working experience in several summer events. In 2007/2008 his first radio program broadcast in regional FM. In the same year he performed in several Umbrian clubs, including "Hart", "Velvet Disco" ,"Bryce", "Matrioska", "Centodieci", and many others. In 2011 his first music productions. In summer 2016 new collaborations: DJ- producer Michele Anullo becomes Veitha's perfect partner for the composition of melodic techno tracks. They produced together their first project "Cassiopea" on Wout Records Label. In summer 2018 Veitha recorded his first vinyl record distributed also by Wout Records, with great success. Collaborations and partners grow, performances continue in clubs throughout the region up to Milan. The new album Amazzonia marks a new collaboration with Findike Records, in which Michele Anullo participates with his remix. In June 2020, after more than two years of active collaboration in clubs, the Insomnia Studios project comes to life. That special time inspired the EP with the very significant title "It Ain't Over", in which Raff T, DJ producer and director of the Studios, also participated. to be continued...