- Vanberger


VANBERGER counts since 1998 to the most innovative artists austria! Creative soundcombinations are the trade mark of the young talented austrian. He is well known for his symbiosis in sound and performance. He got that popular through playing numerous of afterhours and celebrating night for night with the crowd.. many promoter and event manager became aware of Van.Berger. Then all happened very quickly and he played numerous gigs at home and abroad for example he performed in countries like croatia, slovenia, germany, hungary, switzerland and italy. Real attention was attracted in t he year 2001, where he played as one of t he headliner at t he legendary loveparade t ruck, which drove through the city of vienna; furthermore he played with dj superstars like David Guetta, Tom Novy, Felix Krocher, Umek, Holgi Star, Eric Sneo, DJ Rush.... Since 2007 he is a member of the well known agency of Marco Remus Stereo70;2009 he became part of the ABSTRACT family, which is the home of the biggest names in electronic music scene! Creativity-genius, soundfreak and partyboy are three words which we could use to describe mr van.berger! His sound is moving between minimal , groovy tech-house rhythms and crazy melodies! Be ready for neverheard soundexperience, dance guarantee and pure party!Not only in Austria he is really appreciated because of his sound, also countries abroad already discovered van berger and really enjoyed his music, so he played and was loved by the people for example in Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary.