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 - Valentin


or more than 20 years now Valentin has travelled, discretely but with passion, into the deep universe of electronic music... Falling into the rave scene at 18 years old, he became a record seller in the early 90s for "BPM" the first underground record shop in Paris. He acquired there a solid knowledge of US producers and he started collecting deep- house, house, disco, garage and techno, mostly from Detroit, Chicago and New York. Quickly discovering his talent as a DJ and picking up residencies around France, he was booked from after hours to private events, as well as becoming known as the freaky underground after hours party promotor... Valentin became a face of the Frenchs cene.The end of the 90's marked the beginning of new era. Computers and drum machines had taken up residence in his home and a ten years trip started, alone with frequencies, this was a healing journey.Instinctively Valentin explores the many musical influences he has experienced throughout his life and develops a very personal artistic universe, far from hype trends ... In his soul, this hyper sensitive artist is now ready to serve again the cause with his organic, deep and psychedelic music, that brings us the strength of earth, the deepness of the sea and infinite space and elements into musical grooves - nothing intellectual, just vibes - something easy to feel from head to toe.