- V.Ray


Who’s that girl who strikes your mind with hot vocal mixture and variety of sounding? Who’s that girl who makes people shining with the smile on their faces?Victoria Ray (aka V.Ray) - is a fresh name of EDM sphere, but steadily coming forward to the new horizons.Being never restricted by the special frames of musical trends, she has deserved her own rights at the field of vocal industry. She belongs to the kind of people who t reat s t he human heart s wit h Bright Energy, deeply coming from her voice. Be ready for a fairytale travelling from Chillout, Soul, Downtempo, Classical Crossover styles with igniting expression in them to such styles as Vocal House, Vocal Trance, Progressive House & etc. Every sound, every beat, every mot ion complement s each ot her, giving Vict oria Ray’s performances unforgettable view.“Look inside yourself....There is no next time...It’s now or never”