- Urss


Alex Russo ( Urss ) from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Heloves music as a child in the 80'sand he was draw to the electronic scene of the referentHernan Cattaneo of the 90'sHe started first playing music in 2000 in clubs like PachaBuenos Aires and then he started producing music in 2008with support from his friend Ronan Portela, very Influencedby tech house and House percussions of this year.His Ep Selva Sur on the label Monique Musique withremixes from Cadenza Artists had good comments and wasa booster for the road. T hen edited with other goodProducers and very good labels such as Pura from HectorCouto, taking good positions in top 100 with some of hisproductions.Today after 4 years and a break, promises to come backagain take their music.Urss is the kind of producer that likes to innovate and toalways refine his varied sound palette surprising theaudience in the best way. Urss's reputation as a DJ grewfast in the past years,His DJ set has a personality that it's construction is slowand everything has a resulting harmony with the musicalselection, you want to dance.