- Uriya


Uriya Tenenbaum, A.K.A. FIRE STARTER / URIYA / CHILLUM is an international music based in the US (originally from Israel) Uriya has been creating and producing electronic music since 1999 and his resume includes full-length albums, singles, and many collections of unique tracks. Having a strong professional background in engineering, Uriya incorporates his experiences and discipline in order to raise the bar above today's industry standards for electronic music production. 
In his music, listeners will instantly notice his attention to detail, cosmic atmospheres, and the emotional journey crafted within each and every track. It is Uriya's intention that every track tells a unique story, taking listeners through emotional plains and thought spaces which they have never experienced before. Uriya has been winning the hearts of Psytrance fans at psytrance parties and festivals around the world for many years and has played in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Netherlands, Israel, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil and USA. For bookings and business inquiries,please contact at: Uriya.t@gmail.com