- Urban Contact


Urban Contact are electro and dubstep producers from Vienna,Austria. They started young, and though young and talented producers seem to be everywhere these days, their sound is remarkable and nonetheless. They’ve got a particularly mature style that shines through intensely every release. They debuted in 2012 with a series of electro tracks such as “Just Not Right” and “Carbon” on Fuckin' House. In December 2012 the brandnew label Tasty Records released Urban Contact’s “Sky Express” as its debut release. The same Month they published their free- download track “Aurora”- Urban Contact also remixed a handful of singles by other artists, the most notable of those were Indivisions “Won’t You Stay” and Black Tiger Sex Machine’s “Destroy It”. Early 2013 Urban Contact signed their electro-track Starburst on Warner Music Germany and Tasty Records which got into the Beatport Top 100 releases in all over three different genres. Urban Contact’s tracks are definitely for the full-force nights!