- Under The Moon


Under The Moon is a duo of two French DJ Producers, Nati Minh and Lou Ann.Nati Minh started playing electronic music in Geneva, Switzerland, at the Mystic Yoda's club, spinning records for the underground scene for many years. Her music was influenced by the Techno scene from Berlin, Amsterdam and France. She has been playing in Central America for 12 years in free parties and clubs.Lou Ann grew up in a family of professional musicians and started playing music at 6 years old. She discovered a taste for electronic music and deep bass sounds that led her to explore the underground scene. She built her DJ skills playing at private and free parties such as the Teknival in France. Travelling to Central America, she met with Nati Minh and the fusion started. This unique duo is now spreading their passion for the music in Belize and Mexico.Under The Moon keeps the underground spirit alive by creating temporary freedom spaces where people can express their inner selves.