- Undefined (MT)


Undefined, not merely a DJ duo. Childhood friends Steve Vella and Ryan Cachia, kickstarted this project in 2015 with the sole purpose of blending their individual personalities and perceptions into one captivating entity. Budding from the Mediterranean island of Malta, they seek to be eventually defined (pun intended) as the next breakthrough in underground music.What makes this project stand out is that each and every composition is brimming with sensational emotion which these individuals encountered throughout their journey. Now having countless hours of studio and performance time, their next step is to take hold of their own future and thread in the steps of the greats by continuing to spread the love for music. Experience has also been gained in the dj booth through years of performing for prestigious local concepts alongside international artists including Eats Everything, Third Son , Reinier Zonneveld, Stephan Bodzin and Ten Walls.Now forming part of Raven Music Agency, they have now set their priorities straight to achieve excellence through their music and connect with individuals who share the same vision and passion towards sound.Undefined:(adjective)1.without fixed limits; indefinite in form, extent, or application.