- Tune Off


Once in the USSR. Wint er of 1980. In one wonderfulday, exact ly on 2nd of January, in family, which wasfull of love t o art , was born t he boy. He was named inhonor t o his st raight , but fair grandfat her by greatArmenian name Ashot . His fat her, being t he musician,since small years accust oms t he son t o music. So,for example, on weekends, t he head of t he familypersonally plays t o children on t he piano before t hey’llgo t o sleep, and int he mornings awakes children wit ht urning on a t ape recorder wit h fashionable recordsof 80’s. When Ashot becomes 8 years his sist ert eaches him t o play some children songs on piano.The boy get s in music and not lat er t han 12, beat ingt he bot t oms of t he piano, he st art s t o underst andt hat music is hidden deep in his mind, t hought s andhis soul. But now it is his own music...A lit t le bit lat er,but already in Russia.In connect ion wit h milit ary actions in t he Chechen Republic t he family moves t o t heBlack Sea coast in t he resort cit y of Gelendzhik. Thecit y on seacoast will change forever Ashot ’s view onmusic and his musical t ast e. ‘Cause t he unbridled sea,t he fant ast ic sandy beaches, at t ract ing bends ofmount ains and et ernally green relic wood will born inhis soul music in so airy and at t he same t ime sodeep and charming st yle as “Progressive”. Yest erday.For some years Ashot was busy wit h st udding andworking. At t he same t ime he t ast ed different wayst o writ e his own music; learned how t o work wit hspecialized music programs. He bought t he necessaryequipment and at last in 2006 Ashot decided t o st artup t o writ e his own music not only for pleasure, butt o make music his profession. For some t ime Ashotwas working at developing his own special sound,t rying t o sum up in his t racks different st yles ofmusic such as Deep, Tech, Indie and Elect ro, nott alking about Progressive, t hat makes his musicmelodious, at t ract ing and unforget t able. Today.Today Ashot is a Tune Off project wit h t heir ownsound, feed mat erial and well-recognized handwrit ing.I am confident t hat t racks and remixes from t he TuneOff project , even now, at t his very moment , whenyou read t his biography is not sound in a pair ofspeakers or headphones around t he world. Tomorrow?