- Trysh Alexander


Upcoming of the Hiphop scene with graffiti and scratch at 12 years old he resolutly a Underground mental. He start to play and producing techno alone. Influenced by, Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Submerge, Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Methodman & Redman, Slipknot, Rolling Stones, Public Ennemy's, Wu Tang Clan, Thunderdome and many other artist and all the style of music. Few years after he find Reservoirsons, a French underground soundsystem, he participates in numerous rave with his sound system. The first artist he did come to France to play at this dimension are: Dandi & Ugo, Flex, Mariano Santos, Dave the Drummer, Hacler & Kuch, Noisebuilder, D'jamency, Commuter.... These early productions appear on a label Auramirror summer 2012. The first playlisted track is "Orbit Period" by DJ Hyperactive on the label to Ross Alexander Forte Techno. Today he open his personal label "Vizion Division" with ambition to make industrial Detroit Techno music.