- Trey Stein


Relocating Miami Beach in 2013 , Trey Stein quickly became one of the areas most innovative electronic musicians. “I’m a huge fan of technology and a few years ago I had a major breakthrough when figured out how to use my midi controllers as legitimate instruments. I got completely bored with DJing. I wanted to start playing live electronic music instead of prerecorded tracks during my DJ sets, plus incorporate synthesizers, samplers and drum machines. This would allow me the flexibility to improvise and take the music to new places every night. I literally have an electronic symphony at my fingertips during a typical gig and I can remix on the fly live.” These innovative techniques landed Stein opening gigs with EDM giants Bassnectar and Pretty Lights and won him runner up and first place in two international remix competitions for Tara Busch / Bob Moog Foundation and Shift Axis Records.