- Trevor Paxton Lambert


Trevor Paxton LambertIs an International Artist/Dj that has been launching dancefloors for over 20 years, the vibe he creates on the dancefloor is pure and is sure to make every person there movetheir body and have a good time.As certified Production Engineer from the Harris Institute inToronto Ontario Canada, he applies his expertise to everyproject or event he is involved in and the results exceedanyones expectations.As an independent Artist he has composed music for someof the most popular fashion names from all over the world,such as Nada Shepard, Calvin Klein, L'Oreal Paris andMontreal, Aqua De Lara and Lucian Matis. His musical styleranges from House,Tech house and all the way to IntelligentDnB, the current labels he is invloved in from around theworld are; Little Life Recordings, Asnazzy Records, Don'tLook Productions, JG Records and Dual Life Records.He has worked with some of the most top notchproducers/artist of the world like Steve Murrell, Jay Lambert,Alex Freeplay, Ternile Barrows, Aznassy, Jeramy Roberts,Adrian S, Y Tic, John Glassey, Kate Orange, Jennifer Harvey,Digital Octave, T he Night Owls, Chris De Stefino and manymore to come.Formerly a member of T he electronic live band "T heBeatfabrikators", he is now joined forces with his brotherJay Lambert and Bry Eggleton to formed a collective calledApplied Science, which colaberates and show casesfeatured artists/producers from all over the world.