- Trev Campbell


Trev Campbell is a DJ and tastemaker hailing from San Francisco. For the last decade he has spent a healthy amount of time throwing parties and mixing records. Early on in 2013, he and longtime friend Bob Five launched Black Magic Disko, a staple party on the scene that had a rotating door of local and international DJs.After cutting his teeth, playing parties above and below ground throughout the US, Campbell opened his own imprint, Das Sind Wir, in 2015 to showcase music from talented friends and artists in the dance music scene at large. Releasing the likes of Powel and Death on the Balcony to a strong response, Campbell forges on with the label that continues to grow a steady following. Currently Campbell is focused on his own productions, putting in a hefty amount of studio time in between the raves and time in nature.His penchant for a self described “warm house” sound and youthful years exploring techno and acid house all converge when he is in the booth or on late nights in the studio. Das Sind Wir pushes onward with 2018 shaping up to be an impactful year packed full of new music ready to unleash your inner rave child, with Trev moving internationally and bringing the spirit of San Francisco far and wide.