- Treptunes


Treptunes is a music project that was founded by Sebastian Henrich (aka Atonal) and Pascal Steinberg (aka IcelandBruce) in Berlin in 2008. Both met at school in their hometown near Cologne. From the very start they were tied by a number of common interests - such as playing Amiga computer games, building/fixing electronic devices and recording radio shows for their friends. In 1999-2000 they played some pretty poor DJ sets for birthday parties. Later Sebastian started to produce hip-hop beats for his friend and Pascal had his first sequencer experience in producing trance (well, at least, he thinks it sounded like trance). In 2002-2004 Pascal tried out as a DJ on several internet radio stations. He remembers his first public experience: "I played my set using a 1GHz Dekstop PC and after the first 15 minutes of music it totally crashed - the crowd laughed."Finally Pascal and Sebastian moved to Berlin and their knowledge of producing and creating sounds increased as a result. In 2008 they decided to start a music project together. They named it after the borough and the park they lived next to - Treptunes (Boroughof Treptow).