- Trape


Trape, DJ artist, has a history of 10 years in the music Valencian scene, Spain since 2010 as a music producer in styles house, progressive house and techouse alone and in the last two years in training with Misael deejay as IBERICAN BROS http://ibericanbros.wix.com/deejays has a lot work productions for Essential house rec, Noentiendo records, and Play Musiczone records; between major label music original songs and remixes for producers like Dario Nuñez, Ab Garcia, Misael deejay, Indy lopez etc .... with a forceful style and fun couple His sessions are characterized by good taste and musical variety always aware of the public attending the various clubs and events which has been, without doubt one of the promises and betting national and international market, as evidenced by being part of the Deejaysland agency ..... Trape sound, sound Iberican