- Traffic Jam (BR)


As days go by, the Curitiba-born DJ/Producer, João Pedro is becoming more and more part of his alias Tra c Jam, a synonymous to house music lled with groove, repertoire and personality. His rst contact with electronic music happened in the most famous playground in Brazil: Warung Beach Club. Then, the Radiola collective came as a natural evolution of the passion for music shared by the group of friends, and João is part of the label since the beginning. As the years passed, João Pedro has been ful lling his mission with an unparalleled ability to perceive sensations of the dancing crowd. This characteristic led him to be booked in the most incredible dance oors in the country and in the world, such as Warung, Beehive, D-Edge, Club Vibe, Colours, Levels and at the Amsterdam Dance Event.