- Towsky


Towsky, stage name of Giuseppe Toscano (Catania, 05/08/1996), is an artist, Sicilian disc jockey.Born in Catania, he grew up in Nicolosi, a small village in the province located at the foot of the Etna volcano. His interest in music stems from the attraction for hiphop. In fact, he will try almost all the street arts and for all the years ranging from infancy to adolescence the only music that will accompany him will be rap.Only much later, after graduation, he will broaden his musical horizons by taking an interest in electronic music for play, in the literal sense, through an app for the smartphone that allowed to produce tracks with pre-packaged loops.It was with this app and always for fun, that he produced an album of 11 tracks "Mundus Ebrius Est" under the pseudonym "Don Toscano".He made 22 copies by burning everything with the home PC and uniforms around the country between friends and acquaintances asking in exchange for only a free offer, reaching a gain of about € 70.Later, on the advice of a friend, he was persuaded to buy a small dj controller that he bought with a part of that money.After learning the basics, he takes seriously the idea of dedicating himself to music and starts playing in some of the village's clubs and provincial parties.In 2017 he will meet the dj / producer David La maestra in art "Dave Scott", who will take him under his wing transmitting notions and values at the base of the electronic music world.