- Tony Gastello


Tony GASTELLO - producer and DJ, the adherent of unique style of the music which have been got mixed up on jazz, funk and modern club rhythms, has begun the career in the mid-nineties in the USA. During this period the western club culture blossoms and there is a set of loud names, such as Paul Van Dyk, Blockster, Darude, Funkstar De Luxe. These and many other eminent DJs form tastes both club public, and future perspective DJs. Being in the United States, Tony has had the luck to play in Chicago (night clubs "Religion", «Transit», «Visions») and Miami (night club "Vagabond") with such DJs, as DJ A-Train, Ray Milian, Danny Ashe, Ryan Evans and many other.Having returned to Russia, Tony has with the great pleasure plunged into a club life. He is claimed as head liner on large open-air, for example, such as «Love Is...» (Music Festival) , and also constantly works over new tracks into which charm of old school and essentially new approach to sounding is weaved.Tony GASTELLO is one of founders of jazz sounding in modern Russian dance music. Its remix «In The Mood», created in the beginning of 2009, where the original melody of the great composer and the jazz musician of 20 centuries Glenn Miller has been used, has given rise to a new stage in development of the Russian club culture.Original compositions and remixes of Tony GASTELLO published in many key music labels around the world such as Stained Music, Lovenest Records, Mediadrive Records, etc. They can be heard on radio stations broadcast such as DFM, Megapolis 89,5 FM, Europe Plus, Kiss Fm and many others.Now Tony is the resident of leading Moscow dancing radio-station MEGAPOLIS 89,5 FM, and also the new luxurious club "LOFT" being in the center of Moscow which co-owner is DJ SMASH. In addition Tony GASTELLO the frequent guest of such famous Moscow clubs, as "Premier Lounge" (in former "Imperia Lounge") , "Jet Set" and many other. Visiting card of Tony GASTELLO is music at which necessarily there is a melody, an accurate clockwork rhythm and positive emotions which at times so does not suffice in our mad everyday life...Website: www.tony-gastello.pdj.com E-mail: tony.gastello@mail.ru