- Tonski & Jma


dj Tonski aka Dieter Matton was merely 15 when he started to spin with cheap 2nd hand material like most rookies did. His interest for electronic music was fed by artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Moby, Front 242, Yves Deruyter, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and a lot of house & trance dj’s! After learning the basic mixing skills he saved some money to buy himself a set of Technics turntables by playing the hits in a local club. That kind of music wasn't his cup of tea but at the time it was the only possibility to pay for his large collection of holy vinyl. His musical conquest eventually began when a sound and light engineer presented him as a stand-in for "the Porshe" club in Ingelmunster/Flanders. During this period he has got in touch with dj Yves and his brother dj MD. Both were already active in the house scene and had just released a record on the famous Bonzaï Records label under the name "D-vibes". They thaught Tonski (formely known as dj Matton) to tune his ear for good records and supported him in refining his mixing skills. When MD scored a golden record in Belgium with his track “Rio” (Porshe Records –a division of Diki Records) Tonski received a chance to accompany him weekly at several major parties and events where he deejayed. That was the look, listen, learn and “don’t talk to any promoter” period. Tonski drew energy out of that period, bought his first studio material and began studying the manuals. In that period he received great assistance from Aldo Verbeek (a professional sound engineer working for radio & television) who learned Tonski how to produce a track. Soon Tonski saw the opportunity to prove himself at Star Events Parties (party organizer, working closely together with Kanaal 2 /Belgian TV) and other major events. In 1997 Tonski headed into the studios with MD and composed his first track which was released on Zenith Records (a sublabel of Diki Records). DJ Yves became a resident DJ in the 2nd Room of Belgium’s biggest club "La Bush" (Club and Retro Room) and quit his own business. MD became a resident of a new Belgian club called “Q-pit” and asked Tonski to do the warming up. After a while Tonski was contacted by a club owner to play as a main resident dj there and left club Q-pit …. From then on parties and clubs followed with residencies like Pacha Belgium, Boccaccio Beach, Club Coolgate (together with Dave Swayze), Fresh Club (together with Michael Forzza, Phi Phi), Acanthus Club (Europe’s Biggest Erotic Dance club) & guest dj @ La Bush, Revolution, Cirao, La Rocca and many more. After spending enormous amount of time the “producing” part also get better and new tracks were released. Nowadays he found a compagnon in his younger brother Jürgen (JMA) for the melody parts. Little by little Tonski developed his own style, a mix of progressive house, tech house & elektro.


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