- Tomek


Tomek project belongs producer Tamás Bolye. The project is based on a unique sound concept that combines many different genres with the objective of create a rened sound full of atmosphere. Since my favorite style was trance I prefer melodic music but I wouldn't like and I couldn't break away from the original progressive house. I like to experiment with my tracks and mixes. I met trance and progressive house when I was teenager. When my career started I was "only" a DJ. I organised some party in my hometown and in the neighbourhood. A few years later in 2009 I started to compose my own tracks. My rst EP was "In your memory". It was released by Stellar Fountain Records in 2013. This was a very important milestone in my life. Since then my tracks have been continuously released by different records. but music will say more than many nice words. So... just listen... :)