- Tobias Sandmann


you read that 1000 times before...born 1980... musical interested family, mother violin, dad guitar and audio freak, build his own speakers bla bla brother drummer since '84. past heard death metal bla, pushed into electronic music because brother plays percussion with some djs in '95. bought his first records... yes these old black discs with one or two tracks on them, learned mixing, bought some technics bla bla... plays in some clubs with some other djs you might know...begin music making with rebirth, is an reason fetishist, began making music with ableton, found his own label in 2010... yes thats pretty much it!sorry that you didn't get to know me better by this way but i think i spend my time in a better way by making music than write my life in a short story... only because i'm a terrible writer of course... :)don't forget to spend your time with people you love and respect, and let these people love and respect you too!HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE!