- TO5Z


Polish born TO5Z, derived from his original Name “Tomasz” can tell a thing or two about social defferences. At the age of 7 his family and him have fled from the communist country and found a new home in one of Frankfurts suburban housing estates. Grown up between countless different cultural backgrounds it was mainly the American HipHop culture that TO5Z`s Generation agreed upon and influenced their Musical taste.It wasn`t until the early 2000`s when music loving TO5Z started to create his very own sound by producing his first mashups, remixes and mixtapes. Known for it`s rich electronic music and club culture Frankfurt also applied influence to TO5Z`s productions and so his initial HipHop and R`n`B tracks started to shift into a more electronic and dancable direction.Today TO5Z describes his style as “Deep electronic music with urban influences”. Also musical styles like Jazz and Latin-American Rhythms like Bossa Nova flow in his productions. Besides the dancable tempo and a moving groove it is mainly the spacy and atmospheric pads and the crucial vocals that carry TO5Z`s tracks and add this certain Soul to it.