Tanner - aka TNAN - is a multi-talented producer, songwriter and DJ. The versatility of his music touches genres of deep house, future house, tech house and pop. TNAN is a self-taught producer who has been tuning his ear for music since he started playing cello at 10. He spent countless hours honing his craft as a songwriter and producer, while also working as a DJ with local orchestras to create genre bending performances. Making productions and mixing for local artists led him to discover his own sound as a recording artist. He started releasing his own solo projects in 2016, starting with his Am I Famous Yet?! EP. He quickly followed this up with a sonic change, releasing his tech house record Then I Did It on Audiophile XXL. His most recent releases out this year are the DTF EP released on Audiophile XXL, and Gimme Life with Viktoria Liv. Tanner is currently wrapping up records that will be released in 2020...