- TimTaj


TimTaj born 23 December 1987 in the city of Kulob,Tajikistan. As he says TimTaj "interest in music I had as achild. At age 14, my parents sent me to a music school,where I was able to self-actualize their musical abilities"In 2002. aged 15, TimTaj friends created their own musicalgroup called "Suman". In 2006 TimTaj moved with his familyto live in Ukraine. Since 2010 began to create music foryoung performers. After successfully writing singles forother artists, TimTaj began producing his own compositions.TimTaj is a successful composer, and author of his singles.T he first single, titled «Dance All Night» was released onDecember 25, 2013 at the label Diamon Dance Productions.T he single was a huge success among the audience of clubmusic. T his success inspired TimTaj a speedy writing othersingles. Six of the seven singles TimTaj hit the Russian andItalian labels. T he latest single called "Still in love with you"was released on August 8, 2014 at the label "GysnoizeRecordings", which also culminated in a huge success withthe audience of club music.