- Time For Trees


Time for Trees is more often than not a distant dream, as the poor soul behind the name spends much of his time in front of a glow(er)ing screen, clickering away on sound related activities. A life spent living in techno as a dj, promoter, event producer, festival director, lover, led inexorably into the studio. These days, Time for Trees busies himself as a professional sound designer in the game industry, and in the studio producing music by himself, and with his myriad friends, for labels such as Archipel Musique, Emote Records, and for his gang's own label, Make Mistakes.As a DJ, he blends a personalized love of techno funk and soul, always finding the balance between the sexy and the playful. As a producer, he attempts to wrangle a plethora of influences; his musical diaspora spewing forth as big- sweatered techno melancholia, and psychedelic, pumping dance floor comedy acts. As a person, he is mostlypleas ant.