- Tim Shopp


Tim Shopp: America's Homegrown Uptempo Hardcore DJ & ProducerWhat started as a few local shows in New Jersey quickly escalated to widespread notoriety and international acclaim. Early success came quickly with his debut track "Terror Squad" and the well-known “Cocaine MF (Tim Shopp Remix)”.His unique sound has has garnered the attention of prominent Hardcore acts including Partyraiser, Dr. Peacock, F. Noize, Sefa, Noisekick, SRB, and many more. He consistently dominates charts on Hardtunes.com with a seemingly infinite flow of back-to-back top charted singles through multiple labels including Uptempo Is The Tempo, F*cking Bastards, and Partyraiser Recordings.Tim Shopp has single-handedly defined his own style in the Uptempo Hardcore scene and America through landmark tracks like "Keep Em Comin" and the crowd favorite "Fck It" which have become staple tracks within his career and musical scene that is Uptempo Hardcore. Website: https://www.timshopp.com/