- Tim Gorgeous


Tim Gorgeous is a sound producer, DJ, professional sportsman & fashion model. Actual name – Artyom Kuz’min. He was born & grew up in Saint-Petersburg & all spare time of his childhood & juvenility was spent on music & sports; which were basketball, football, swimming, studying in music school for piano class, entering any kind of contests & concerts, professional bodybuilding came later; however, because of a tendon injury Artyom had to give up the sports career & participating in open competitions. In the beginning of 2014, after a few years of a successful construction business activity, Artyom decided to surrender himself completely to creativity & become a professional commercial artist in electronic dance music area, so he made a choice to attend a well-known DJ/electronic music school in Saint-Petersburg “Clubmasters”, finishing it more than successfully. In the process of his studies there, he understood quickly that he could create a high quality, actual, interesting music material & select the most demanded essential tracks accurately for his own sets according to the fashion trends. And after some confident practice in the best night clubs of the city Artyom became aware of having an inconceivable aptitudes of connecting with the public, & the ability to share his positive mood & energy with it, he then understood that he possesses the most important attribute of any professional artist – Charisma! There, at “Clubmasters” he meets its director general & producer Dmitry Bakul’manov & makes him an advantageous offer for collaboration. Being a successful businessman in construction area Artyom easily finds investors and after short negotiations the spadework for producing & promotion of a new project of Artyom & “Clubmasters Records” company - “Tim Gorgeous” began.