- Tiger Fleet Symphonic Orchestra


Hailing from the East Midlands and taking up the challenge set down by previous tongue-in-cheek residents of her county, Tiger Fleet Symphonic Orchestra (TFSO to their friends and those well acquainted with) are new dance act, recalling the side- chained, filter-freaked, pump-job, French sounds of the mid-90s (think Daft Punk giving birth to Etienne De Crecy's baby who played with RedOne and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur's toddler in playschool, and you're getting close) in a brand new formula, fresh for the 21st century. The lead man behind this sound, one Steven Starar (noted for his commercial pop-rock co-production/co-songwriting partnership with fellow band-mate Jenna Starar in the family duo-band Starar) has branched out to a brand new sound, this time for the clubs and stadiums with a hot French-House sound that is aimed to take the DJs by storm. Their first release, an irresistibly catchy popped-up, radio-friendly smash, "I Like It", is currently being negotiated for mass-release to major and independent dance labels (many of long standing note, who just couldn't help but fall in love with this adorable felidae) and is touted as being undeniably sure to catch fire when it hits the airwaves and raves this summer. There's one thing for sure, this tiger won't back down.