- ThreeJacks


Xavi Garcia and Mascu are two deejays of Valencia who forming Threejacks. They started their journey in the world of music from a very young individual. For Mascu received music lessons in its infancy.They gradually developed an interest in electronic music until the of of 14 went on to become deejays. His beginnings were hard and difficult, but eventually managed to act in small venues and parties in the Mediterranean area. These two 25 years-olds have much in common, since his taste music, the way you work, etc...making it a good complement to the time to produce. What began as a hobby, got off in what refers professionally in 2009. Xavi Garcia became part of the project of one of the emerging and important clubs in Valencia(SUMMER MIXTURE) making a residentThanks to that, in 2010, won another residence on Sunday night at a party(LOST), one of the best halls in the world(BARRACA). He has shared cabin with great deejays of national and international scene, as SIWELL(SPHERE RECORDS), GONCALO(CREAMFIELDS), MARIO BIANI(ROW 14), DANNY FIDDO(BARRACA), MISSTRA(SOUNDGLASSES),BERTECH,ANDRES GOMEZ(THC)... A participated in countless festivals as PLAY ONE(SPOOK) with high caliber artists as MICHEL CELIS,LEE VAN DOWSKI,NIMA GORJI,JONATHAN TENA,TUCCILLO, ect... and to acting in the big clubs as BARRACA,PUZZLE,THE FACE,DELANO(IBIZA),SUMMER MIXTURE,SPOOK,BANANAS...He continues as a resident for 3 consecutive years at the club SUMMER MIXTURE and also a weekly residency in the room where SPOOK parties are currently carried out LOST and ALL STAR. For Mascu, continued his training and acquiring skills as a producer. Production conducted several courses both Reason and Ableton Live, reaching to handle perfectly, until 2010,did with their first EP are Ovidi Adlert. From there took several themes in differents labels such as Six Sound Records, Darkside Digital Records, Real4Play... Place for several weeks in the top ranking of the label. Instead Xavi Garcia, released its First EP over & Out in 2010 also individually by JMG Label, becoming also a 1o for several weeks in the ranking.They are currently making and remixing issues will gradually coming to light, receiving this in turn supported by great artist of the landscape nationally and internationally.