- Thomas Grossmann


In the early years of his adolescence he discovered his love for music. Enthusiastic of various musical instruments, diverse genres and especially of electronic instruments which were considered new at the time, the road to his great musical variety was paved.At the start of 2000 he began to focus his energy on everything that had to do with sound, DJ-ing and audio technology. Soon enough it became apparent that his passion was with electronic music. As time passed, his equipment accumulated, and so did his skills and experiences - influenced by the vibrant nightlife of the contemporary club scene.This career was encouraged by a formal education as an audio-visual media designer and a number of hosted events in various clubs. His first performances were critically acclaimed and Thomas Grossmann became a resident dj in different clubs.This is how he started his career as a DJ, producer and promoter. Today he combines DJ-ing with live electronics. Supported by digital technology he incorporates samplers, groove boxes and synthesizers to make his sets truly amazing."Music driven by passion and perfection - an extraordinary journey through electronic sonic landscapes" This is also his prime focus in regards to his productions and his future in the world of electronic music.Thomas Grossmann - Stay tuned!