- Theo Dor


I was 5 years old when I listened to EDM for the rst time and I fell in love with it.
I started to produce music with my favourite DAW Fl Studio when I was 16 years old and I have discovered my passion for Electronic music production and for piano.All my life started to change when I signed contracts with record labels and made collabs with other artists.On 15 December 2017 my first track with Alex Jayde was published on Roindpak Records under the album"The Stones of Hope".One week later I signed a contract with Virility Recordings and they published my song"Funky Toad"on their compilation EP.Four months later I signed with Rehegoo Music Group who released my single "Assault".In 2018"Sunglasses"was published on Mickey House Records and 5 months later Warnox Recordings published the album"Resistance" with 3 of my tracks including my collab with Khaoz"Innity" and my singles"Boomerang" & "Heart Broken".In 2018 I released one collab with Alvin Jax under Karma Recordings and in 2019 I published my album"The Shape of Air"on Teritorial Records which includes 3 singles and one collab.Also in 2019 I released my single"Stardust" on Cryptic Records.Now i am recording for Louis Capet XXVI Music Publishing,one of the oldest edm record labels based in the USA. 
I have listened to music from top music producers & Dj's including Martin Garrix Tiësto Hardwell Avicii KSHMR and they motivated me to start producing music.