- Thea


Born "April Rey Gonzales", or best known by his artist name, "THEA" (means THE - "A" but read in styled as TE'YA) 23 Year old and born from a simple family in the city of Iloilo, in the Philippines. THEA started Djing on his bedroom on his age of 16, and started learning to produce at the age of 18.THEA has been known in the Philippines as the youngest producer who has been known for producing his very own energetic electronic dance music style by making a fusion & merging of Trance & other genre into one. THEA admitted that his big influence in his music is the World's No.1 DJ, "Armin Van Buuren".THEA started releasing on "Juno Download" under his very own label, "Rewind Recordings" , his tracks are known to be very different style of music on other music producers in the Philippines because of his style of music.THEA is the only Electronic Dance Music Producer/ DJ in the Philippines who emerged succesfull at his very young age. He is currently owning 3 more labels, "Republiq Recordings, Ultra Star Recordings, & Centered Sun Recordings.At present, THEA has created tracks on genres of Progressive House, & Electro Music. But he always say that even though he is determined to produce tracks on a different genre, he always specify that his genreis TRANCE, and his young successful career is due to his hard work, dedication and passion throughout his love on dance music.THEA is one of the young and upcoming producer to watch out for.