- The Wheel Man


With the big boom of the rave culture in the early 90s, whichat the time had affected the German music scene, hisinterest in electronic music subsequently increasedstronger. Beginning to monitor all happenings surroundingthe whole electronic scene through the media as well astheir presence at various events and parties, his interest inthe very production of electronic music begins in the midninetiesforemost only for himself. As time passed andelectronic music started to spread in different styles, thebiggest influence on his music and production were greatmen from the Deep & Tech House scene, such as EddieRichards, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles,Nils Hess, GIdeonJackson, Pure Science, Terry Lee Brown Jr., The Timewriter,Dave Mothersole, Richard Grey...After taking a break fromproduction for a couple of years he begins again with reproducinghis pieces but this time in collaboration withartists like Rob Pearson [Evasive/Swag/Wiggle],NilsHess[Eukatech/Wiggle] , Derek Marin [Plastic City], SeanDanke [Affin], Gary Wood [Household], Tony Stevenson[Deep Site Recordings] and many more. His tracks aresupported and played by artists like Eddie Richards, ColinDale, Peter Dutch, Lee Guthrie, Laurence Reed, LukasGreenberg, Richard Grey, Tyler Stadius, Rob Pearson,Martin Landsky, Ollie Drummond, Richie Hawtin, Philipp Ort,Deep Milo, Mancini, Stacey Pullen, Franco Bianco, PascalFEOS, Funtom, Moffit, David Scuba, Darren 'Merle'Thompson & many more....CONTACT | INFO | PROMOwheel.man@mail.com