- The Stolers


Duo was formed through a common passion for stepping up in electronic music as well as a mutual desire to push sound to the most cutting edge boundaries. The fusion of their combined experience in the studio enables them to compose dark, sinister sounds mixed with twisted, haunting and exploding atmospheric foundations. Along with the release of their debut album “World Visions”, they kicked off moving dance floors with a combination of deep musical knowledge & unrivaled enthusiasm. .Combining the deepest, puristic and raw techno, the Stolers are never the ones to shy away from ripping into sets with hypnotic rhythm and progression into the deepest industrial sounds and the most poly-chromatic textures. Their interaction with the machines and selection of vinyls become the listeners’ interaction of altered state of mind and paranoia for the soul searching. International support came from leading techno producers such as Bryan Chapman, Frank Mueller aka Beroshima, Mike Parker, Dave Ellesmere, Energun, Larix, Timo Glock, Diatek, just to name a few. The Saga continues...