- The Rockets


The initial idea of creating a new project came to mind for Andy and Jimmy in July of 2010. Two old friends decided to record few tracks and at that time had now idea that it will become a separate project with it’s own distinct electronic sound. Andy and Jimmy first met in their youth (18 and 16 years old) and even then they already had they own groups. Guys always communicate and spend lots of time together making compilations. Jimmy was a member of hard core rap group “ZU Fam” and Andy had his own drum and bass project “Sub Technology”. At first the tracks they recorded together were the remixes of Andy that he made using Jimmy’s songs. Guys were making tracks in the same manner till the summer of 2010. First initial recording of the project “THE ROCKETS” was made in September of 2010 at the home studio of one old friend. Andy didn’t like the recording and they spent next few months thinking about the name of the group, the concept of it and trying to understand how it should sound.When Andy came up with the long name of the band in English, Jimmy offered him to use only one word from the initial phrase and that is how the name “THE ROCKETS” was created.Debut EP of “THE ROCKETS” - “NO MONEY NO HONEY” was recorded on the “Sub Box studio”. Then guys made the presentation of the recording and the project and everybody understood that “the rockets are flying in the right direction”. Next EP “DOG CITY” is disturbed the same way as the first one – using the internet. When guys accepted to they group new member-cantatrice Kassandra Pataki it was a new big step for “THE ROCKETS”. The project putting a new single “SUMMER ANGELS” were the new member is presented for the public.All the tracks of “THE ROCKETS”are united only by the electronic sound. The group using lots of different styles: dubstep, breakbeat, drum and bass, trip hop, hard core... Once Andy Nord find a perfect definition of what kind of music “THE ROCKETS” are making – ELECTRONIC ART-HOUSE.For now “THE ROCKETS” trying to put together a long- play closely working with producer Maksim Oshkin on the “VeroBeats” studio. The album will be presented in the short time. Meanwhile the last release of the group is the EP “DOLLS AND PISTOLS.THE ROCKETS:ANDY NORD – Sound Production KASSANDRA PATAKI – Vocal JIMMY JAY – Texts, Voice, Vocal