Key Commands
 - The Puppet on Crack


Behind the mask there is the producer, Chad Fulton... Chad was born in South Africa, and from a very early age he started to show a huge interest and develop a strong passion towards music. At the tender age of 8 he wanted nothing else to listen to beside Trance which was influenced on him by his uncle. Forever an extreme person Chad quickly became familiar with big hit DJ’s such as Tiesto and Paul van Dyk and wanted nothing more than to be a hit superstar DJ when he grew up. At age 11 he started blending songs together on windows “sound recorder” it was nothing spectacular, but it was enough to kick off a frenzy of DJ passion! Then by 16 he attended the “DJ Mix Club Academy” and after 3 months of training Chad or “DJ Oneiro” took first place at the DJ graduation night. In his late teens a new genre of music began to surface in South Africa, the “Jackin” and “Fidget” industry which never interested Chad much, until he started to witness the craze that was infecting almost every club in SA. Chad soon started to see the point, and ever so slowly became more interested in the scene. Chad was very picky in this industry and only liked the very few songs that where coming out. It was not enough to begin a firm DJ career in this genre, but still he slowly kept collecting. He then entered the “Ruby Blue” DJ Competition, which at the time, promoted the Jackin/Fidget industry. While DJ’ing his set, he started to notice the passion the crowd were showing toward the music, in a dance called “The SA Skit”, “Skitting” or “Stepping”. He loved the passion and was forever memorised by the wacky and very creative dance, and developed a new sprouting passion for the industry!