- The Paradise


Born in Tijuana, México in 2001, Gilberto Arellano began working very early, inspired in particular by Madeon. He began to work in music at home, to share it through online networks and to be completely immersed in the world of production and performance for the beginning of his adolescence.Originally acting under the name of The Paradise he was the creator and owner of the musical duo Barloe Team, along with his great friend Iscr, a collective of hip-hop, dance and pop, which included Firewell. In 2010 he released his debut single, In Love With You - Single, and quickly produced a score of other singles and early 2013 collaborations, tracks without releasing, citing creative differences. Although he worked under several artists, Arellano chose Iscr as his second principal and produced new music during the following years.In 2017, Gilberto managed to get to work with the Mexican boyband group CD9, being one of the producers of the album title 3/4, which, one of the tracks produced by Gilberto was Lío en la Cabeza.In 2018, he returned to be part of the boyband's productions, within his new album called 1.0, which your work is Oxígeno.The collaborations with XXXTENTACION materialized, as well as several works and a more considered long-term release with the single I'm on A Roll of 2018.Each release saw Gilbeto Arellano expand his style, going from the dark sounds of retreat from previous works to new territories through the genres of dance, pop.