ENGIn January 2009, after a long aural research, the Moscoloni brothers gave life to The Natural Dub Cluster aiming to create new electronic routes in dub music. A trade-mark of their live set is the sinergy with self-made visuals, thanks to the cooperation with Ike. The whole quartet ratified the further intentions regarding their project by sharing the same roof as well as the same stage.In April 2010 TNDC created “Neg-entropy”, their debut album mixed and produced by Paolo Baldini's Alambic Conspiracy.Throughout the years, the release has been followed by an intense live activity, compilations, radio spins and increasing positive feedbacks across Italy, USA, France and Germany.New tracks have been released in the compilations “Italian Dub Community” (2010, 2011, 2012) and “The Missing Dub Version” (ODG records).In 2014, after more than 130 shows all over Italy and four French and Swiss tours, the time has come for the second chapter: on the 5th of November TNDC release "In Deep", a dark introspective new approach to dub music.The album is out for Bloody Sound Fucktory (a prominent Italian alt-rock label), Alambic Conspiracy and digitally on Elastica Records.Spreading the new liveset in Italy and, for the first time, in Eastern Europe (Croatia and Slovenia in November 2014), the band is obtaining great feedback from both press and audiences.On 2016, Elastica Records release B Deeper - the remix album of "In Deep", featuring P. Baldini, Madaski, Victor Rice, P. Bragaglia, and many more dub-related artists.