- The Missing Link


The youngest of 3 brothers, Matt was privy to a music experience that many don’t get in life. Early experimentation with electronics and musical gear was a fascination for young Matt as he stumbled around as a 10 year old with size 13 shoes. His posture and demeanor as a young lad garnered him the nickname "The Missing Link."The Missing Link has been producing since 1997. He was the debut artist for the now legendary Canadian imprint Wagon Repair. He also has releases on a variety of labels including Proton Music, Emote Music, Milehighighhouse, Toggle Recordings and Depth Recordings. The Missing Links track have been charted by people such as Laurent Garnier, DJ Koze, Francois K, Mathew Johnson, and many more. The Missing Link is one of Colorado's most innovative producers and live performers. He continues to push the envelope focusing on weird techno with an intelligent blend.